100 Days of Dragon Age


What do you think the fourth game will be about?

I have some theories on this. Either:

  • Qunari invasion, which has been foreshadowed in two games thus far and maybe be further foreshadowed in Inquisition through Iron Bull’s arc
  • Architect and/or Coypheus rally the darkspawn and/or make the threat of darkspawn all the more poignant (maybe a Blight sans the Archdemon??)
  • Nevarran succession crisis (though I think that’d be cooler as an expansion pack or DLC to Inquisition because then Cassandra could still be in the party)
  • Another near-apocalypse involving the environment out of wack like the Inquisition’s Fade Tears


perfect world : cullen’s romance is replaced by a bi blackwall’s

vivienne is bi

sera is brown again

cassandra is bi or a lesbian

varric is romanceable (im actually okay with him being straight hes hot enough to get away with it)

iron bull’s is an actual well thought out romance without monosexism or devaluing him beacuse he’s gay

dorian’s romance is not actually some tragedy of dead lovers and angst but dorky and lovely and magical